Official Municipal Symbols

Municipal Folk Dance

The municipal folk dance is the antique Bolun tario which is the choice of dance during special occasions. It ranks with any other folk dance in art and style.

Municipal Song

The municipal song is a Visayan song entitled Salve Rizal in honor of Dr. Jose Rizal, our national hero.

Municipal Motto

The municipal motto reads: “Truth Always Prevails.”

Municipal Tree

The municipal tree is the perennial balayong commonly called tindalo, the most common wood used for principal house posts in the locality.

Municipal Colors

The municipal colors are green and gold.

Green: The municipality is highly fertile and vegetative; hence, the color green, representing vegetation.

Gold: Vegetation brings forth bounties not merely enough for food and prime commodities but bountiful harvest that will in turn bring forth monetary returns.

Municipal Bird

Tagwati is a bird in the Asiatic countries found in places from India to the Philippines. Its bill is long ang straight. The graduated tail of the male is longer in summer than in winter. Plumage is usually dull gray, or green above, with rufous crown and whitish or yellowish breast. The Tagwati is of special interest for its remarkable nest is made from growing leaves stitched together with vegetable fiber. Using its bill as needle, the female passes the fiber back and forth, knotting the ends until a purse-like structure is formed. Within this structure, a nest is built of plants, down, hair and fine grass.