Municipal Flag

The municipal flag shall be rectangular in form, 26 inches long and 42 inches wide. It shall be blue, red, orange and pink in four equal parallel lines emanating from the equilateral triangle at the left side. The flag is spangled with 51 gold stars representing all the barrios comprising the municipality. There is a bigger star at the apex of the triangle representing the poblacion. At the center of the white triangle is a circle circumscribed with heavy blue lines with red and gold flame.

When displayed on the flagpole, the blue lengthwise triangle shall be up and when on the wall, the white triangle shall be up with the blue lengthwise stripe on the right. The municipal arm and seal shall be imprinted at the center of the municipal flag. 

Municipal Arm

The rising sun with golden rays illumines the summit of the mountain range, the vast vegetative plain on the foreground and the river running parallel to the mountain range. The shield is at the center with red, blue, white and gold stripes. The balayong, municipal tree, is on the left, equidistant with the bagiw-bagiw, municipal flower, at the right of the shield. Above is the Tagwati, municipal bird, with horizontal scroll across with the motto “Truth always prevails.”

Municipal Seal

The entire seal is circular in form, with arm as described in the preceding paragraph. Surrounding the shield is a double margin circle within which appears on the upper portion the words: “Municipality of Alimodian.”